Chao Ching San 曹青山

"This morning (April 18, 2006) a 47 seat luxury bus and two electric cars left the Chao factory and travel 1,470 kilometers to Beijing. The convoy arrived Beijing in five days to be examined and certified by the China National Car Inspection Center.
      The "electric car" consumed 8.02 KWH per 100 kilometer. This translated to RMB 4 (or USD$0.5). The highest speed was 130 km/hr. Distance before recharge was 550 km.
      The Journey was monitored by 8 Newspapers and Television Stations including CCTV-10, the Official China Station. An engineer from the China National Car Inspection Center traveled with the convoy for the whole journey."[1][2]

Lee Cheung Kin

Some comments from Lee Cheung Kin who spent a week working with Chao in early 2007.

(1) Chao and Dr. Liang both worked in the same small town. They and their engineers knew the inventions of one another.
(2) The basic engine of Chao was similar to that of Dr. Liang. It used ICs to pulse rotate the inner cylinder and the axle.
(3) Chao used banks of batteries to overcome the hill-climbing drawback of the Dr. Liang car. On downhill and level road, the banks of batteries were not used.
(4) The recharging of batteries was via attachment in the wheels. The recharging could be adjusted. The consumption rate could have been adjusted to zero. But that would raise the objection of having an impossible perpetual motion machine.
(5) It was a business decision not to fully recharge the batteries so that a production license could be obtained quickly. That decision was correct as the production license was granted 4 months later in August 2006.
(6) Lee met some US investors in his trip. He believed that Chao had no problem with funding.
(7) Lee suggested to Chao the use of the 5th generation Cosmic Energy Machine to replace the banks of batteries.


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