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Bill Muller Build an highly efficient high rpm pulse motor.
David HamelDavid Hamel demonstrated how ambient vibrations may be guided into rotary motion. He designed a space craft that is so elegantly simple it would be impossible to believe if it wasn't that he has demonstrated the effect up to a small toy that you can make yourself.

Wesley Gary in US Patent No. 190206 Wesley Gary described the combination of pushing and pulling. His devices embodies a permanent magnetic north and a permanent magnetic south pole with one end of a ferromagnetic core placed in the center, as a result the core moves neither up nor down. By creating an electromagnetic pole between the 2 permanent magnetic poles (what I refer to as) the effect of 3 points interacting arises. Said pole is now subjected to both push and pull but in complimentary direction. This while the electricity consumed reflects the difference between the push and pull.

John Ecklin In US Patent No. 3879622 John Ecklin described how he used magnetic shielding to vary the flux extending from a fixed permanent magnet into a fixed coil thus moving only the shield thus (to which I refer as) making 3 points interact.

Joseph Newman The Newman energy machine utilizes pulses, a double 3 way interaction with the Back EMF field collapsing in the same direction as the current allowing it to bridge a spark gap and surge back into the battery.

Veljko Milkovic Veljko Milcovic build a 2 stage oscillator existing out of a balanced horizontal beam with a pendulum attached to it. This configuration makes the required input reverse proportional with the load.

Reidar Finsrud The Perpetual mobile artwork by Reidar Finsrud displays the combination of 2 stage oscillation with the reduction of gravity and magnetomechanical hypnosis.

Kohei MinatoPatented various magnetmotor implementatioins using angled placement of magnets. Liang Xingren Sung Tim Fat Chao Ching San

Sun et al The motors build by Sun et al utilize Pulsed magnetic fields and self spinning wheels powered by permanent magnets placed under an angle around the rim.

Jack Hildenbrand Jack showed how a permanent magnetic loop can be closed by embedding the magnet into a ferromagnetic core, when this core is magnetized by the coil wrapped around it both the coil and the permanent magnet erect a field in the very same direction. The ferromagnetic core, the magnet and the coil represent (that what I refer to as) the 3 interacting points.

Charles J. Flynn Mr. Flynn has brought his flux switching innovation all the way from the drawing board onto the production line.

Teruo Kawai A flux switching technology much like that of Mr Flynn.

Bob Teal The magnapulsion technology utilized that what is referred to as back EMF in a forwards sense there of. The coil has a movable core in which it inducts a field allowing it to repel it. Both at the top and at the bottom of the coil there are 3 points interacting, combined with the lack of back EMF it explains the extreme power output he claimed.

Troy Reed Troy's combination of flux switching with collector coils can only be described as Surge technologies.

Tomas Henry MorayMoray developed a reported inexhaustible environmental energy source by means of radiant energy.

Hector D Perez Torres The Rotoverter technology aims to reduce the energy consumption of conventional electric motors by running it on it's resonant frequency and scaling the amplitude with the size of the load.

John Searl A very complex 3 way interacting flux levitated rotor, overunity is accomplished by bleeding excess magnetic flux onto inner and outer rotor rings. He invented a most elegant inertial propulsion system and invented the neodymium magnet.

Doy Presley 3 way interacting magnetic oscillator.

Howard R Johnson Utilizing special shapes of magnets.

Mike Brady Magnetic interaction possibly amplified using magnetic shielding with dynamic acoustics.

Nicola Tesla The man who made Einstein look like Yogi bear. He came close to saving the world.

Yoshiro NakamatsPatent collecting.

othersOther permanent magnetmotor inventors.

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