How the Ęther flows and utilization of the same.


                    To all whom it may concern be it known that I, Gaby de Wilde, artist, subject of the Dutch Queen, of Dutch nationality, a citizen of the independent monarchy of the Netherlands governed by members of the House of Orange Nassau, residence of Enkhuizen, in the Province of North-Holland the Kingdom of the Netherlands, have discovered a new and improved method of extracting energy from- thinking of- and looking at the Ęther wheelworks of nature in most general sense thereof I hereby declare ofwhich the following specification to be a full, clear, exact and accurate description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to use the same.


                    When we absorb the gist of my 3 way interaction paper[1] we may conclude.

1) Not everything is a symmetry.

2) 3 points may interact, and do so asymmetrically.

3) the product of an equal sized push and a pull may be zero.

4) the product of an equal sized push and pull may also be their sum.

5) combining (3) and (4) allows for actions with unequal reactions.


                    An example and explanation of the above where push and pull refers to the attracting and repelling magnetomecanical force vectors thus where point (2) states "3 points may interact, and do so asymmetrically." we assume 3 magnetic poles and as noted under point (3) "the product of an equal sized push and a pull may be zero." This means we may have one primary pole interact with 2 secondary poles where one secondary pole is pushed away while the other secondary pole is pulled towards said primary magnet. We thus get the situation described under (4) "the product of an equal sized push and pull may also be their sum." This while the primary magnet is neither pushed nor pulled. Thus moving towards point(5) "combining (3) and (4) allows for actions with unequal reactions." We may thus move our primary magnet towards 2 secondary magnets without applying force therefor subject BOTH secondary magnets to the FULL push and pull.


                    Everything in the universe is driven by pushing scalars. Pulling forces are just body's shielding off anothers Ęther bombardment. Corrected by a permanent magnet the Ęther flow does~not fully affect other magnets held in it's slipstream. It's not subjected to an equal bombardment from all directions thus moves towards the other magnet. The pushing poles correct the Ęther flow in such a way the impact is increased. This means the magnets don't do any work rather prevent something else from happening.


                    In order to spin a wheel using permanent magnets one merely has to shield off one side and increase the Ęther bombardment at the other making one pole move away from the stator while the other pole is moving towards it. This will allow us to place the stator magnet in a position where it's subjected to both additional Ęther impact AND a lack~of Ęther bombardment at the same time.


                    The stator is thus therefor as as result thereof and so~on NOT subjected to the same forces. There is no lack of impact nor is there an abundance. Thuswhile said rotor is however-still subjected to the full magnetomechanical effects erected therefrom the stator is not.


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