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(1) Sung Tim Fat 宋添發 - First and Second Generation of Cosmic Energy machines

(2) Liang Xingren 梁星人 - Pulse Rotation with ICs

(3) Chao Ching San 曹青山 - Improvement on Liang with banks of Batteries

(4) Lee Cheung Kin and Lawrence Tseung 李長建,蔣振寧- Lead Out theory

(5) Tsing Hua University 清華大學 - Electricity Magnifier that can magnify 30 times.

(6) Wini Woo and Bill Fong - The Flying Saucer

(7) Wang Shum Ho 王沈河 - The Ferro-liquid + permanent Magnets Electricity Generator
Josh Jones Lee Felsenstein The Development of the Electric Motor The next step building the Searl effect generator (SEG) Searl and Newton fridge magnet motor Steorn special alloy gets colder in magnetic field Augsburger magnet motor Energy from magnets David Hamel Flying Disc YouTube - SEG voltage controlled demonstration Over-Unity Faraday Generator Multi-phase bipolar brushless D.C. motor Constant-power brushless DC motor joseph newman Revolution in energy production Apparatus and process for generating energy 6954019 Free energy! - Bedini Cole Motor + Videos pmm DE19605730 Swichable magnet Perpetual Motion machine - The Bedini - Cole Window Motor Translated version of perendev-power Product Detail rotoverter.pdf Perendev Magnet Motor History and Update System for controlling a rotary device - Google Patents Science & Mechanics permanent magnet motor Hall Effect IC Gamma Manager 12 Pole Monopole - Peter Lindemann Halbach Array Wang Shum Ho Agile Systems - Sensorless motor drive NOWARM Evergreen ltd - lutec gabydewilde - magnetmotor Thomas Townsend Brown magnetmotor Patents 3811058, 3703653, 1724446, 3636391, 912037, 3879622, 4151431 gabydewilde - magnetic lag - free energy Supervision Entertainment SuperMag HeartMate II The Dual Piston Device Energy from magnets Low energy magnetic actuator MichÆl Faraday Steorn announces plans for widespread deployment of its free energy technology IMPROVEMENT IN ELECTRO-MAGNETIC MOTORS Mag Gen Mehess Magnetic Motor more magnet Motors gabydewilde - chainreactor very simple electric current generator LOW ENERGY MAGNETIC ACTUATOR Leonard C. Czerniak - Permanent magnet motor - Google Patents Steorn teh stories gabydewilde - magnetmotor Adams Pulsed Magnetic Motor Steorn Latest Status Info Kinetron: smallest micro-generators, micro-motors and micro-magnets in the world Build your own magnet motor Gravity Motor Dud Might Work as Magnet Motor Platform Electromagnetic propulsion system cycclone Magnetic Engines Maglev Train Magnetic hybrid motorbike unveiled in Japan Magnet Motor free energy - Google Video The Permanent Magnet Motor - 1979 Paper by Howard R. Johnson and William P. Harrison, Jr. Ecklin SAG 6 Stationary Armature Generator Steorn has developed all-magnet motor technology which produces free energy Hans Coler's "Magnetstromapparat" & "Stromzeuger" PPMT technology white paper.pdf United States Patent: 6867514 Romag generator Simple magnet motor - Google Video Entry for September 11, 2006 Finsrud's Perpetuum Mobile - Google Video Lutec Australia Pty Ltd Steorn > THE CHALLENGE > Validation Process Wesley Gary's Magnetic Motor Ecklin Stationary Armature Generator Kohei Minato magent motor Hitachi Engineers confirm Over-Unity Process David Hamel - "They were eating my peanut butter!!!" Hildenbrand magnet motor Hilden-Brand Magnet Motor - EMWiki Twelve roller mock up of the SEG Recherches et energies Flux Gating Generator Evergreen ltd Parallel Path Magnetic Technology overunity - may 2007 Hilden-Brand Magnet Motor flying dutch man: Other wheels: Patents Troy Reed 1991 peswiki magnetic heat apparatus The Reed Magnetic Motor Reed 7 kw Magnetic Motor Transcending the Control System: John Ecklin's SAG 6 ROSCHIN AND GODIN'S VERIFICATION OF THE SEARL EFFECT zpe wesleygary vortex troyreed train townsendbrown steorn spring searl saucer sag rotoverter propulsion peterlindemann perpetualmotion perendev patents patent overunity newman nasa muller motor michaelfaraday magnetmotor magnetism magneticshielding lutech lutec lenz lawrencetseung koheiminato inventors invention hitachi history hildenbrand heat health hardware hanscoler gravityengine gravity generator gaby flynnresearch flyingdisc flux flow engine energy ecklin ebm davidhamel coralcastle billymeyer bedini bearden backemf John Bedini Tom Bearden edwin gray ecklin rankine billy meyer galileo borderlands dale pond hans coler gauss John hutchison louis brennan kohei minato jonathan goldman Jack Hildenbrand stanley meyer John searl Joseph Newman takahashi Nicola tesla wesley gary william lyne viktor schauberger veljkomilkovic robert beck newton michael faraday davinci lawrence tseung Pythia zamboni Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci Sir Isaac Newton Jules Gabriel Verne Nicolas AC Tesla Permanent magnet motor - Google PatentsROTARY-TO-RECIPROCATING DEVICE - Google PatentsRECIPROCATING MOTOR WITH MOTION CONVERSION MEANS - Google PatentsMAGNETIC MOTOR - Google PatentsRECIPROCATING MOTOR WITH MAGNETIC DRIVE MEANS - Google PatentsELECTKIO MOTOK - Google PatentsMing the Mechanic: Kohei Minato's Magical MotorMagnetic rotating apparatus - Google PatentsYouTube - Minato Japanese Over-UnityKohei Minato - Magnet Motor - Google VideoMehess Magnetic Motor - Patent PendingMagnetic motor - Google PatentsTorque converter and system using the same - Google PatentsThe Permanent Magnet Motor - 1979 Paper by Howard R. Johnson and William P. Harrison, Jr.Permanent magnet motor - Google PatentsMagnetic force generating method and apparatus - Google PatentsMagnetic propulsion system - Google PatentsPermanent magnet propulsion system - Google PatentsRotary magnet device - Google PatentsElectromagnetic rotary motor - Google PatentsMotor incorporating a superconducting shield - Google PatentsRoll feed device - Google PatentsBrake device including magnet and superconductor - Google PatentsFloating electrical contact for spindle motor - Google PatentsMagnetic motor construction - Google PatentsLow-loss, high-speed, high-T.sub.C ... - Google PatentsMixed-mu superconducting bearings - Google PatentsDC motor utilizing permanent magnets - Google PatentsAmplifying mechanical energy with ... - Google PatentsThree pole forced permanent magnet rotor with ... - Google PatentsApparatus, systems and methods for levitating ... - Google PatentsField coil - Google PatentsMagnetic differential displacement device with ... - Google PatentsMagnetically coupled dangling apparatus - Google PatentsPermanent magnet motor - Google PatentsApparatus, systems and methods for levitating ... - Google PatentsROSCHIN AND GODIN:  VERIFICATION OF THE SEARL EFFECT?????? || ????AxleProductsNOWARMELECTRIC MOTOR UTILIZING PERMANENT MAGNETS - Google PatentsGATED PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR - Google PatentsElectromagnetic engine - Google Patentsmagnet motor - Google Searchmagnet motor - Google Patentspermanent magnet motor - Google Searchpermanent magnet motor - Google Patentsjoseph newman - Google Searchsteorn - Google Searchperendev - Google Searchhoward johnson magnetic - Google Searchdavid hamel - Google SearchVyacheslav Strushchenko - Google Searchbowman - Google Searchcalloway - Google Searchminato - Google SearchEd Leedskalnin - Google Searchwesley gary - Google Searchnicolas tesla - Google Searchcycclone - Google Searchmxlo - Google SearchFranc Jakelj - Google SearchAdams Motor - Google Searchsearl effect - Google Searchhutchison zpe - Google SearchWes Crosiar - Google SearchMagnet Motors -- Directory by FreeEnergyNews.comDirectory:Magnet Motors - PESWiki
Adams, Harold - Engine (similar to that of Keely)
Adams, Robert - (New Zeland) - Adams Motor
Adsitt, Donald - Magnetic Ramp
Alexander, Robert - Generator With Free energy
Ames, Alan - Alcon Technologies Devices
Amman, C. Earl - Cosmo Electric Generator
Anderson, Herman -
Andreatta, H. J. -
Angus, Neil - Angus Engine
Anonyme, Français - Receiver for extracting Electricity from Air
Arnold, Chris -
Aspden, Harold (England) - Power From Magnetism, Vacuum Spin, Switched Reluctance Motor
Avrandt, Dick - Bobines Tesla (reproduction)
Bailey, Patrick - Advanced Fuel Cell Designs
Barret, Terrance -Tesla Non-Linear Shuttle Circuit
Bauman, Paul -
Baumann, Paul (Switzerland) - Swiss ML Converter ou Testatika
Baumgartner, Walter -
Baumgartner, William - Living Machine turbine
Bearden, Tom -
Bedini, John - Bedini Energy Converter
Benitez, Carlos -
Bensen, Dick -
Bessler, Johann Ernest Elias dit ‘’Orffyreus’’ - Perpetual Wheel
Bigelow, John -
Billings, Rodger - Battery with hydrogen laser
Bird, Christopher -
Blasius-Grüter, Karl - Self current Gravitation torque converter
Blue, Archie - Apparatus With Electrolysis
Bode, George, Fred - Electric Motor utilizing Electricity from permanent magnets
Bohning, P. (Germany) - Engine without rétrocouple
Bolon, William - Engine vapor high performances
Bowman, Lee - Engine of Peregrinus (reproduction)
Boyce, Bob -
Britt, Robert Gordon - Noble Gas Motors (AEROPS Engine)
Britten, Chauncey, J. - Radio Apparatus Extracting Energy from the Air
Brown, Paul - Brown Resonance Device (Brevet US), Magnetic Distributor Generator
Brown, Thomas Townsend - Parallel universe, antigravity, T.T. Brown Devices
Brown, Yull - Brown’s Gas
Brunner, Ashton F. Mochel - Ocean Wave Generator
Buerger, Douglas - SpinBreeder Generator
Butikofer, Hermann (Switzerland) -Calorific generator
CINCINNATI GROUP (Neal et Gleeson) - LENT-1
Camus, Nelson - Turbo battery NELTRON
Caro, Charles R. - E-Beam Discharge Power Converter
Carr, Otis - Carr Anti Gravity Device
Carson, Matthew -
Cater, Joseph -
Chambrin, Jean (France) - Water Engine
Clem, Richard - Clem Over Unity Engine
Cobb, Melvin - Energy Conserver Circuit
Cole, R. -
Coler, Hans (Germany) - Magnetstromapparat, Stromerzeuger
Constable, Trevor -
Cords, Gene -
Cornish, François P. - Generator -.hydrogen and aluminum
Correa, Paulo et Alexandra - Autogenous Pulsed Glow Discharge
Cottel, Eric - Sonic transformer for fuel with water
Cowlishaw, David E. -
Crump, Lloyd R. - Energy Extractor
Curt, Rev. Wallace -
Davidovich, Lev Landau -
Davis, Barry - Davis Tidal Turbine
De Rivas, Villasnor - Electromagnetic Generator
DePalma, Bruce - N-Machine
DeSantis, Romano M. -
Deavenport, Larry - T.T. Brown Devices Replication
Dennis Lee -
Dennis, Tom L. Jr. -
Diggs, Richard - Engine With Liquid Electricity
Dingel, Daniel -
Directo, R.F. - Field generator (CAOROP projects)
Dollard, Eric -
Dorman, Robert - L.I.A.G. Low Inertia Armature Generator
Dragone, Leon R. - Permanent Magnet Energy Conversion
Draper, John -
Earle - Windmill Home generator (Earle)
Ecklin, John V. - Ecklin Motor
Egel, Geoff (Australia) - Testatika (reproduction)
Epps, Fred -
Estevel, Edward - Engine with hydrogen extracts
Farnsworth, Philo T. -
Farnsworth/Trombly - Farnsworth/Trombly Energy Generator
Fauble, James D. - Ion Source Beam Projector
Finsrud, Reidar (Norvège) - Finsrud Motion machine
Fischer - Moteur à Chaleur
Fogal, Bill - Fogal
Ford, Henry -
Fox, Hal - Cold Fusion Results
Francoeur, Alan - ALF Vaporizer; Dynamo, Frenette, Mechanical Heater (Patent #4143639)
Frenette - Mechanical Heater (Patent #4143639)
Fuller, Buckminster -
Gallimore, Jerry -
Gamgee, John - Zeromotor with sea water making ammonia boil
Garrett, Charles / G H Garrett -
Gary, Wesley W. - Gary’s Magnetic Motor (1879)
Geiger, Josef Otto, Hartmann et Ziegfeld - Rotary magnet Engine-generator
Gibson, Francis -
Graham, Roy -
Graneau, Peter - Ampere-Neuman Electrodynamics
Gray, Edvin -
Gray, Edwin V. - Capacitive Discharge Motor
Gray, Edwin V. Capacitive Discharge Motor
Griggs, James L. - Hydrosonic Pump
Griggs, James L. Hydrosonic Pump
Grotz, Toby - Russell Optical Dynamo Generator
Grotz, Toby Russell Optical Dynamo Generator
Gunnerman, Rudolph - A-55 carburant mixte à 55 % d’eau
Gunnerman, Rudolph A-55 carburant mixte à 55 % d’eau
Hamilton, David -
Hammel, David - Generator antigravitational with Free energy
Harrison, Mike -
Hartmann, Stefan - PM Square Linear Magnet Motor
Harwood, Tim -
Hasselberger, Josef -
Hathaway, -
Hattaway, George (Canada) - Unipolar Dynamo
Hendershot, Lester - Hendershot Coil Device
Hendershot, Mathieu -
Henthron, Wayne - Automobile ‘’électromatique’’
Herold, Tom -
Herrmann, Robert - Moteur Stirling et chaudière
Hickox, Barbara - Dynamo électrique
Hooper, William - Motional Electric Field Effect
Hornak, Joseph -
Hubbard, Alfred - Hubbard Coil Motor
Hubbard, Alfred - Hubbard Coil Research
Hull, Richard - Bobines Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond TCBOR
Hutchinson, John - Crystal Energy Converter
Hyde, William - Hyde Device
Ide, Osamu - Capacitive Discharge Motor
Inomata, Shiuji (Japan) - N-Machine
James Hartman -
Jamison, Lawrence - Jamison Energizer System
Jankowski, John -
Jefimenko, Oleg - Jefimenko Electrostatic Free Energy Generators
Jensen, B.F. Prof. -
Jensen, Paul Raymond - Series Resonant LC Circuit, Unidirectional Transformer
Jett, David -
JohnHutchison, John - Crystal Energy Converter
Johnson, Howard - Permanent Magnet Motor
Kanarev, Ph. M. (professor) - Redefining physics, with energy ramifications
Karimov, Maruf -
Kawai, Teruo - Kawai Motor
Keely, John Ernst Worrell - Keely Motor (Hydro - Vacuo Engine)
Kenyon, Keith E. - Economic engine electric car
Kidd, Sandy - Kidd Device
Kieninger - N-Machine
Klemke, Erich E. (Allemagne) - Autonomous electric generator
Klemke, Erich E. (Germany) - Autonomous electric generator
Koenig, Earl -
Konzen, Doug -
Kromrey, Raymond - Kromrey Converter
Kron, Gabriel - arguably the greatest electrical scientist ever produced by the United States
Kunel (Allemagne) - Electromagnetic generator
Kunel - (Germany) Electromagnetic generator
LaFonte, Butch -
LaViolette, Paul -
Lambertson, W. Dr. -
Lambertson, Wingate - WIN Device
Larue, Chuck - energy saver -
Lawton, Dave -
LeBreton, Robert P.
Leach, Sam Leslie - Generator separating hydrogen/oxygen
Lee, Dennis - coverup specialist
Leedskalnin, Edward -
Leibowitz, Martin N. - MNL-DHE Generator
Lindemann, Peter -
Loder, Theodore -
Long, Tom Rev. -
Louis, Jean Naudin -
MAIR, RAFE - Show with Harold Berndt April 2005
MacNeill, Ken - Proposed Hubbard Coil Motor
MacNeill, Ken - Reluctance Generator
Mallove, Eugene - Cold Fusion
Marinov, Stefan (Autriche) - Siberian Coliu, Venetin Coliu
Mark, Stephen - Stevens Generator
Markovitch, Peter - Apparatus to rectify Ether Energy
Marks, Alvin - Electric generator
Mary, Bob -
Mason, David -
May, Ed - Converter on Buick Wildcat
Maynard, John -
Mazzilli, Paolo
McClain, Joel - Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA)
McClintock, David - Air Engine
McKie, Richard (Scott) et John - McKie Power On Demand Module (PODMOD)
McKubre, Michael - SRI Experimental Research Results
Mcandalish, Mark -
Melnitchenko, Andrew A. - Effect projector of resonance
Merritt, Thomas D - Electrical Generator
Meyer, Stanley - Water Fuel Cell & system
Milkovic, Veljko -
Minato, Kohei - Minato Magnetic Motor
Monson, Milton W. -
Moray, Henry -
Moray, T. Henry - Moray Radiant Energy Equipment
Morrison, Heber J. -
Muller, Bill -
Muller, William (Bill) J. F. - Muller Magnetic Motor
Mundt, Jurgen - Electric generator Transducer of Waste
Murray, Jim - Torque amplifier Gravitational apparatus
Myers, Roy J. - Apparatus collecting ambient electricity
Nakamatsu, Yoshire -
Naudin, Jean-Louis (France) - Bingo fuel and _MUCH_ more.
Nelli, Ray -
Nelson, Bob -
Newman, Joseph - Newman Energy Machine
Nichelson, Oliver - Dynamo Unipolar according to Tesla
Nicholson, Jack -
Nieper, Hans Dr. -
Nystrom, Stefan -
Nègre, Guy (France) - Air engine
O., Gerald - MAGNETICENERGY, Ro-Mag Magnetic Generator
Ogle, Tom -
Pacheco, Francisco - Générateur à hydrogène
Pantone, Paul - GEET plasma reactor
Papadopoulos, Konstantinos - Permanent magnet generator
Papp, Joseph - Noble Gas Motors (Papp engine)
Pappas, Panos - Energy From Electrical Discharges
Paramahansa Tevari - Perkins - Patent# 44245797 "Mechanical Heater"
Patterson, James - Patterson Power Cell
Peck, Byron -
Perreault, Bruce A. - Radiant Energy Capture Device
Perrigo, Joeseph ou Harry - Magnito generator
Peterson, Alex -
Plauson, Hermann -
Podkletnov, Eugene (Finlande) - Podkletnov Device
Pogue - Carburetor 200MPG
Pond, Dale - John E. W. Keely's - Musical Dynasphere Globe Motor
Pons and Fleischman - Cold fusion
Potter, David - Adams type Motor
Potter, Paul E. -
Power, Perendev -
Prenninger, Johann - Testatika (reproduction)
Puthoff, Hal - Charge Cluster Technology (CCT)
Queiroz, de Antonio M, -
RQM' (Suisse) - RQM Devices
Raju, Ravi -
Randell, Dr. L. -
Ratzlaff, T. John -
Rauch, H. - Static Quantum Generator
Reed, Troy - Reed Magnetic Motor
Reich, Wilhelm - Orgone Energy Phenomena, Reich Orgone Motor
Reich, Willhelm -
Richard, Clark Dr. -
Richardson, William H. - Aqua Fuel
Rodin, Marcos - Rodin Coil Research
Rogers, Lee -
Santilli, S. Prof. -
Schaeffer, Bernhard - Converter of heat into mechanical energy
Schaffranke, Rolf Dr. -
Schauberger, Victor - Schauberger Vortex Effects
Searl, John (England) -Searl Generator, Searl Levitation Device
Seike, Schinichi (Japan) - Landau Oscillator Seike
Seiki, Shinishi -
Sereda, David -
Serogodsky, Albert Victorovitch - Thermal instrument
Shinichi, Seike Prof. -
Shum Ho, Wang -
Sinclaire, Pierre (Canada) - Gravity Magnetic Device, Sinclaire Generator
Slivinski, Andy -
Smith - Nuclear Decay Effects Experiments (Smith)
Smith, Wilbert B. - Geomagnetic Generator; Magnetic Sink
Sorgato, Vittorio - Moteur à Air
Sowder, William -
Spence, Geoffrey M. - Energy Conversion System
Stan, De Meo -
Stephens, William - Stephens Motor
Steven, Greer Fastwalkers -
Stevens - Apparatus with electricity of field E.M of the ground
Stoneburg, William G. - Stoneburg Motor Generator
Storms, Edmund - Los Alamos Experimental Research Results
Stubblefield, Nathan -
Sullivan, Steven - Omnificient Dynamo
Sumaruck, Peter -
Sweet, Floyd - Sweet Vacuum triode Amplifier (VTA)
Szucs, Lajos -
T.E.B.A.Tesla Engine Builders Association - Turbines Tesla (reproduction)
TEKKO KURE (Japan) - Moteur ‘’Wankel’’ Magnétique
Takahashi, Yasunori - (Japan) Takahashi Magnet Motor
Tate, John - Tate Ambient Power Module
Taylor, Robert - MRA Device S/N 95-3
Teal, Bob - Magnepulsion Motor
Tesla, Nikola - Non-Linear Shuttle Circuit
Tewari, Paramahansa - (India) N-Machine
Thermacore Co. - Thermacore Cold fusion
Traun, Otto -
Trombly, Adam et Kahn, Joseph - N-Machine (Trombly-Kahn)
Troyan, Joseph P. - Amplifying Troyan engine of movement
Tucker, -
Turner, Brent - Bobines Tesla Techno. Research (reproduction)
Valone, Thomas - Patent suppression
VanDoren, Bill -
Vassilatos, Gerry -
Verter, Roto -
Vilenkine, Alexander -Batterie ‘’Timetron’’ Vilenkine
Wallace, Dan -
Wankel A. Violette, Paul A. --Wankel Engine
Wanlass, Chris - Wanlass Motor-Generator
Ward, Sonne - N-Motor
Ward, Steve -
Watson, Don - Watson VTA Device
Watson, Greg - (Australia) Rotary Magnetic Overunity Device (RMOD), PMOD, RMOD, SMOT
Watson, Jim -Typical appliances Bedini charging of the batteries
Werjefelt, Bertil - Système Rotatif Magnétique (type Muller)
Whamond, William -
Whittaker, Edmund -
Willimczik, Wolfhard -
Willis, Richard - Magna Coaster
Winter, Willis -
Wiseman, George - Free Energy Accumulator, Low Temperature Electric Generator (LTPC), Wiseman Energy Conserver Circuit
Wynniatt, C.B. -
Wysock, Bill - Bobines Tesla (reproduction)
Yglesias, José - Receiver for extracting Electricity from Air
Yunick, Oliver - Vapor Engine
Zaev, Nikolay - NonLinearCapacitor electricity from ambient temp.
Zigouras, Paul -
Znidarsic, Frank - Zero Point Technologies
Zorzi, Kim -
Zubris, Joseph R. - Electric Circuit Reduced Energy Starting 75 %