New and improved theory of everything.


          To all whom it may concern be it known that I, Gaby de Wilde, artist, subject of the Dutch Queen, of Dutch nationality, a citizen of the independent monarchy of the Netherlands governed by members of the House of Orange Nassau, residence of Enkhuizen, in the Province of North-Holland the Kingdom of the Netherlands, have invented a new theory of everything in the most general sense thereof I hereby declare ofwhich the following specification to be a full, clear, exact and accurate description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to use the same.


          You know everything already. You just refuse to remember it because you have put your will on denial. This dimension (everything around you) is something you and me have made up. You return to this more complex world every night. Evidently 99.99% of the thoughts are created back at this source. The thing you do here doesn't really qualify as thinking.
          We are here on earth to do things. We have forged this dimension and the beings in it, currently we are manifesting ourselves in those beings. This means we are only half aware of who we are jet, the organic intelligence needs to meet us half way evidently accomplished by this documentation thereof.


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