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profile Energy from Water (Floatation) The 225 HP Pulse Motor Simulating the Minato Wheel Simulating the Minato Wheel - Vertical View Simulating Minato Wheel - position magnets Part 1 of Pulse Motot Part1a Pulse Motor


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profile Perendev and Bedini motors free energy elemental rod generator 1 free energy elemental rod generator 2


profile PHYSIK macht SPASS ! Permanent Magnet-I-Linear beschleuniger V2,4 Permanent Magnet-Linearbeschleuniger V1,1


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profile One roller mock up of the SEG Twelve roller mock up of the SEG Expert independent verification and discussion Clip 1 Expert independent verification & discussion Clip 2 SEG voltage controlled demonstration An investor watches the improved 'mock-up' running at 200rpm Searl and Newton Part 1 SEG Material progress update Searl and Newton Part 2 SEG - The next step. April 2007 SEG Assembly & Operation Graphic


profile John Koorn's Monopole John Koorn's Monopole, playing with the base resistor pot Bedini SSG Self-runner Bedini SSG Self-runner v2

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